Sunday, February 13, 2011

Can We All Chill Out About Tiger Woods Spitting?

Early Sunday afternoon, I jokingly posted the picture of Tiger Woods spitting on a green at the Dubai Desert Classic. I posted it because it's funny, but not because I thought Tiger spitting would start SpitGate, one of the most ludicrous outrages in recent sports history.

People are UP IN ARMS about Tiger spitting. They are calling him out for bad behavior. Again, for SPITTING ON A GREEN!

Now, dear reader, I trust that you've golfed before in your life if you come to this site regularly (and trust that you probably don't have a high school degree if you continue to read it). If you've golfed, and you've NEVER spit on the golf course, I'd trust you either have a saliva deficiency or you're lying. It's part of golf, as "disgusting" as it appears to be. Do I enjoy spitting? No, not really. Do I do it on the golf course about 40 times a day? Yes, I do.

It's funny because it's Tiger, and whatever Tiger does is perceived as horrible. Steve Marino, late in his round at Pebble Beach, was caught spitting in front of the camera, and not a tweet was sounded about the offense. That's because Steve Marino is Steve Marino, not Tiger Woods.

People have talked about the amount of spit that came out of Tiger's mouth, which I'll just allow you to swallow (pun intended) because obviously we don't have enough to do.

It's spit. Girls do it on the golf course. Guys do it on the golf course. Life moves on.

If you really want to be offended by something, maybe check his second nine holes on Sunday. Now THAT was ugly.


seak said...

but IT WAS ON THE GREEN! (eyeroll)

Anonymous said...

People spit in pool halls, too, but it's not cool to do so on a table.

Bud said...

What are you supposed to do with the bugs that fly into your mouth?

Anonymous said...

Give it a break people. It's spit, we all spit and to give someone a hard time for spitting during an athletic competition is just part of it. Do you people have any idea what is on a golf course? It's outdoors and tons of chemicals are present.

Sports Chump said...

Well said, sir.

I've done plenty worse on golf courses myself.

Perhaps Tiger was just trying to get that bad taste out of his mouth.

UglyPar said...

I thought you were better than this Shane. The point was that it was on the green where others have to putt, not that he spit per se. Are you seriously defending that?!