Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Club Fitting -- Good move or overrated?

I had the chance a couple of weeks ago to hit up TaylorMade Labs in Palm Desert to get fit for the new r11 driver, among other golf clubs.

Check out the story right here, and let me know if you've ever been fit before. If so, did you enjoy it?


Roody said...

I just had a driver fitting a couple weeks ago actually. I worked with a guy who is a clubmaker and deals with KZG brands only. I think it was good, we determined that with my off-the-shelf Callaway FT-9 10 degree driver I was putting way too much spin and launch on the ball.

I ended up working with another guy a few days ago on another launch monitor to get a second opinion of sorts. Generally, both guys were in consensus. Only difference was, guy #2 suggested that we lower the spin, but not the launch so much.

It was pretty cool to get a look at all the stats and see how I could improve. Unfortunately, I live in NY and have another 2-3 months before I'll get to try out my newly purchased driver (Taylor Made R9 Super-Tri 9.5, slightly closed face to de-loft it a little).

Anonymous said...

Advanced fitting is a must for the single-digit 'cap or better. Basic fitting is good for the newbie or long-time hacker.