Thursday, February 3, 2011

High Comedy Of the Day: Tiger Didn't Have Vegas Concert in 2010 Because of 'Scheduling Conflict'

Now here is a little nugget that I missed on Wednesday, but is absolutely worth sharing today ... Tiger Woods didn't have his Tiger Jam concert a year ago because, according to someone important, the schedule didn't work out. I'M SURE THAT'S THE REASON!

Via the AP ...

The concert was not held last year. Greg McLaughlin, the president of Woods' foundation, says organizers could not coordinate the schedules of artists and when Mandalay Bay was available.

Man, if that isn't the best thing that Tiger's camp has ever said, I don't know what is. Tiger didn't have a concert, in Las Vegas, because Mandalay Bay couldn't accomodate him? Yep, that's probably true. No way it is because news came out about Tiger's wild times in Sin City or anything. No chance that's the reason.

Also, new report out ... that fire hydrant Tiger hit actually jumped out and hit the Escalade. It wasn't Tiger's fault!!!

Getty Images


Anonymous said...

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johnirby said...

Is there no way that the 2010 Tiger Jam was cancelled because AT&T (who had been bankrolling the event) cut ties with Tiger?


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