Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Mean, Come On Golf Channel

On Thursday, a lot of golf fans were PUMPED for the start of the second round of the Accenture Match Play. Sure, Tiger Woods and Ian Poulter were bounced, along with Jim Furyk and Steve Stricker, but the Thursday match-ups were really interesting.

We had Phil Mickelson going out at 10:40 AM local time against Rickie Fowler. Bubba Watson was teeing it up against two-time winner this season, Mark Wilson. Rory McIlroy was wiping the floor with Ben Crane. The round was going to be great!

But when you flip over to The Golf Channel, no live golf was happening. Nope, golf didn't start until 2 PM ET, just around the time the opening match of the day made it to the 12th hole. 12! What in the hell?!

Instead, The Golf Channel showed a re-run of their morning show, The Morning Drive, and then some lead-in show called Golf Central Pregame, where they sit and TALK ABOUT THE MATCHES THEY AREN'T SHOWING!

Listen Golf Channel, I know you guys have a ton of flaws, and I also know you guys do some good occasionally, but come on, what's the deal? Is it the announcers? Scared they'll be on air too long? That's fine, give us the first hour without them. I'd actually enjoy that.

You have a unique opportunity here to be good at what you do. This isn't it. It's rather embarrassing, really.

Good news though -- at least they didn't upset anyone on Wednesday.


John said...

And I'm sure the BBC or Sky or ITV or whoever was showing the tournament in Europe made sure to show every shot from both matches.

Nope. I'll bet dollars to donuts their coverage was way Tiger-heavy as well. Go be the world #1 for 9,000,000 weeks straight, Lee. See how much coverage other people get while you're playing.

William said...

I completely agree with Shanes point about the coverage. However, Europeans are such pre-madonna's! Who cares if you didn't get air time. Worry about your golf game and not whether or not your on tv! Yes, you're number one in the world. However, more people in my office know who Bubba Watson is than do Lee Westwood!

Anonymous said...

While we are speaking about GC gripes, I have a big one: Charlie Rhymr!! I hate the way he talks, the inflections in his voice, and most importantly his announcing. It always seems like he tries to make something out of nothing. Case in point, how he felt that Tiger backing off the ball on the 19th hole yesterday spoke "volumes" about his swing confidence. Yes, the guy is changing his swing yes, he probably isn't as confident in it. But don't try to sound like such an insider by pointing out obvious crap.

seak said...

Shane, could the golf channel have gone live earlier? I imagine they have some sort of contract with the tour that specifies how many hours they can show live at a tournament, and I'm not sure how flexible it is?

UglyPar said...


Not sure what you are basing your opinion on. Ask anyone who has an inside track to the PGA and European Tours and if they are being honest they will tell you the PGA is full of far more prima donnas than the European Tour. Primarily because the players on the PGA are far more pampered.

Don't forget, companies pay a lot of money to put their logos on these guy's clothing and bags. If they don't get the airtime they expect they're going to kick up a stink.

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