Monday, February 21, 2011

Jake Minard, I Hate You!

I'm sure that when you check this page, and see a story about someone I know making an ace, you get annoyed. I don't blame you. It's a joke I've beat to death years ago, but that won't stop me from continuing this tradition until I myself have an ace under my belt.

I play golf at least once a week, and have been for the past 15 or so years. I spent time on mini tours. I played high school golf. I'm not perfect with math, but after doing some rough addition, I've concluded I've played somewhere near 4.87 million rounds of golf in the last decade. And no ace to show for it! Damn you golf! Damn you to hell!

But, alas, my friend Jake Minard goes and one-ups me on Sunday. I, happily enough, wasn't around that jerk when he did it. He was playing with some friends of mine (names withheld because of potential lawsuits), and that sucker hit it exactly on times at the Adobe Course at the Biltmore. It was 140 yards, Minard hit a 8-iron, and they said they didn't know it was in until they got up to the green.

Of course they didn't know it was in. Why would they? It's way more fun to just walk up to a green and see your ball in the hole. I'm surprised they didn't have it on camera so they could send me the footage.

So, to repeat ... in the last two months, I've been in two groups with friends that made aces, and had another buddy smoke one. What are the chances three friends card an uno in three months? Like 400 to 1 (again, not great at math)?


Mateus said...

Well if it makes you feel any better Shane, he didn't get to see it go in and therefore didn't get to celebrate on the tee box. I bet Woody was digging a ball out of a bush when Jake yelled that he found it in the hole, followed by half assed' high fives and skeptical looks from the other playing partners.

I actually kinda feel bad for Jake..haha..ok it's mostly jealously, but some def. some pity as well.

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