Wednesday, February 9, 2011

John Daly's Golf Bag

Lately, my uncle will bring a speaker in the golf cart when we play golf, something to pass the time during a lengthy round of golf. John Daly has one-upped him. HIs new golf bag has a TV on it. I will sidestep the "Caddyshack" reference because it's too easy, but man, if I asked you, "which professional golfer will put a TV on his bag," is there ANYBODY else you'd answer besides Daly? No chance. None.

via The Last Angry Fan


TheMassHacker said...

Does that thing have a phone as well? If it did JD could watch coverage of the tournament he's playing in and then phone in rules violations by other guys in the field to move up the leaderboard.

UglyPar said...

This is terrible, truly terrible. Michael Allen and Kyeong Bae have both done it in the past. As if Daly doesn't already have enough cheap logos over his shirt and bag already.

I was a bit of Daly backer until recently - I supported him despite the haters. But I've come to realize it; the guy really has no class and is now nothing but a side/freak show.

BoyThatChasesCars said...

UglyPar beat me to the point about Kyeong Bae. I saw her out at the LPGA event in Orlando and she was using the TV screens strictly for advertising (a sushi place among others)