Monday, February 28, 2011

Outside the Lines

This summer, I was interviewed by ESPN for an Outside the Lines piece on Erica Blasberg. Here is the video that aired on Sunday.

(Btw ... just watched this ... I do not like what they did to Irene in this, and it's bullshit. Just for my personal experience, Irene did more for Erica than anyone in her life ever has, so yeah, that was lame. I don't like it. A bad job of journalism by OTL.)


Anonymous said...

I'm a father who shudders thinking about what it would be like to lose my daughter. But while I can sympathize with the pain Mel Blasberg is carrying, I can't get past the fact that everything I've seen or read about him leads me to believe that he is a loathsome POS and I thank my lucky stars I wasn't raised by a man like him. I don't think the maniacal stage dad missed a single opportunity to blame Erica's friends/acquaintances for failing to help her and it was despicable how OTL assisted Mel in his character assassination of Cho.

Raymond said...

I agree Shane. The story came out exactly the opposite of what I was hoping for. Seems like they just wanted to make everyone look bad and have a great lead in for the panel of "experts" to talk about parent/child athlete relationships. It's sad that OTL's take on Erica is probably going to be most people's last impression of her.

Anonymous said...

Shane-I noticed you never mentioned you didn't like what they did to Mel. He came across as a somewhat cold and analytical individual in a state of denial about his responsibility for Erica's depression and suicide. Her note said she needed help and no one would help her. Isn't that what parents are for? I couldn't believe he actually blamed Erica first!! I assume your silence about him indicates you have no problems with what they did to Mel or, more to the point, what Mel showed himself to be.