Tuesday, February 15, 2011

PGA Tour To Allow Cell Phones ... Again ... For the Third Time?

The PGA Tour announced on Tuesday that cell phones will now be allowed at all PGA Tour events, which makes a difference to about 2 percent of the population that wasn't already bringing them in to golf tournaments without any trouble over the last year.

Honestly, this wasn't already legal? At the Waste Management, I saw more people on their phones than I did cheering for birdies (but, still, more passed out people than both of those first groups, combined). I actually had a guy approach me at the Waste Management who was, dare we say, crawling towards a free pass to the drunk tank, who asked me to use my phone for an emergency call, only to chat for five minutes with his lost girlfriend.

I saw people chatting while cops and security walked by, saying as much as they would have if you were sneezing in front of them.

So, yeah, cell phones are now okay at PGA Tour events, even though you already were bringing them in to begin with. Rejoice! Rejoice!

(Side note: If you have AT&T, just don't bother taking it to any PGA Tour event. You won't get service anyway, so you might as well try texting your friends through your car keys.)


Anonymous said...

The tour has been testing at various events over the last 12 months or so, so I'm not surprised that you saw phones out. It is nice that its "official" now though.

blackberry store said...

This is a very shocking story. I am shocked because it's now allowed. However, I am extremely happy because I can now tweet while watching golf.

blackberry unlock code said...

This is just an acceptable change. I don't find any negative effects of bringing cellphones in the show/event.

how to unlock htc said...

I think the issue before was that the ring tones was disturbing the golfers. I'm glad PGA has a stand now regarding this.

Anonymous said...

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