Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Phil Mickelson Is Done Tinkering?

One of my favorite Phil Mickelson commercials ever is the ones he does during Masters week when he says "thinkers," but it sounds like Padraig Harrington saying "tinkerers," and for some reason that really amuses me. Well, don't expect Lefty to be tinkering anymore with his golf game.

It seems age 40 is it for him to try and change things up. Mickelson told SI's Alan Shipnuck that he is done trying to mess with his golf swing, and is going to now dance with whom brought him to the party at this point.

The exact quote from Shipnuck's article:

"One of the game's most natural players has been obsessing about his swing with instructor Butch Harmon since the spring of 2007. Mickelson, 40, says he is now past the point of making mechanical changes and is focused on shaping shots and playing by feel."

I must admit, this approach is brilliant. Phil seems to play his best when he's done screwing around and just goes out and plays. He doesn't need two drivers or no driver in his bag, he just needs to go out like in did in the 1991 Tucson Open, and let his talent shine through.

Maybe that approach is why he played so well at Torrey Pines, and maybe a "back to basics" approach is exactly what Team Phil needs for 2011.

Also, I loved this quote from the story from his wife Amy - ""He's much stronger than he was last summer," says Amy. "He's back in the gym and working hard."

You know what that means! More muscle golf shirts!!!

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