Monday, February 21, 2011

A Quick Guide to the Accenture Match Play (And Tucson in General)

I did something like this for the Waste Management, and since I spent four years of my life enjoying the beautiful Tucson air, I figured one would be appropriate for this week as well. So, without further ado, I present you, a guide to Tucson, and the Match Play ...

Where Should You Eat?

Well, the tournament is north of Tucson, but if you're looking for solid spots, you'll have to venture away from Marana.

Lil Abner's Steakhouse -- Probably the closest place to the golf course of any on the list, and the one with the most character, this steakhouse offers outdoor seating, a live band (that'll make even the lamest click their heels) and a menu that'll leave you satisfied (and stuffed). I ate my graduation dinner at this place, and still to this day get the request from my dad to drive the hour or so down from Phoenix to try it out once again. Plenty of room for big groups if you're into that sort of thing.

Cafe Poca Cosa -- It's mexican food like you've never had before, the freshest un-tex mex this side of Nogales. Swing by, have a margarita, and enjoy the menu that changes twice daily. Order the Plata Poca Cosa, which is picked by the chef and different for every guest.

East Coast Subs -- Unlike the first two, this is the type of place you can show up wearing sweatpants and a Wildcats hat, plop down in front of some of the TVs and enjoy the atmosphere all the way from Philly. Get the Jimmy McKenna, toss some hot peppers on that, and wipe your fingers on your shirt when done.

Where Should You Golf?

Tubac Golf Resort -- A hefty drive down south to Green Valley, a trip to Tubac is worth it for anyone that enjoys a fun golf course and has seen the movie "Tin Cup."

Forty Niner Golf Course -- A cheaper alternative to some of the high end golf in Tucson, Forty Niner gives you some great views of the Catalinas on a golf course that is both fun and testing. This is the golf course my friends and I would hit up in college because it was affordable and enjoyable.

Vistoso -- The best in Tucson, hands down. Don't believe the hype to some of those other courses, Vistoso is where it's at. Do it. Do it now.

Where Should You Go Out?

This is all contingent on where you're staying and what you want to do, but here are some options.

Dirtbags -- If you've ever been to Tucson, you know about this place, but the crowd will be young and vibrant. Enjoy it if you want, but understand that there will be more people with Greek symbols on their shirt than Lacoste alligators.

Championship Dining -- A nicer alternative to Dirtbags, this place has great televisions and fairly solid bar food. I wouldn't say it's my number one place to eat in the town, but the drinks are fun and the viewing will be extraordinary. If you want to really enjoy your night, order a trashcan.

Hotel Congress -- An older crowd with more character, Hotel Congress is downtown Tucson and most likely will have some act on either Friday or Saturday.

Alright, enjoy your trip to Tucson. As always, contact me if you have any questions about the trip or the city and have some fun.

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