Friday, February 18, 2011

Thongchai Jaidee Goes Crazy, Makes Bogey

We've all seem tantrums on the golf course, but it doesn't seem to happen much in professional golf. These are supposed to be the calm ones, and despite the occasionally putter break over the head, or the bunker beat-up by Sergio Garcia, pros are normally the calm ones.

Not the case in the below video (via Aussie Golfer) of Thongchai Jaidee, who was playing in the Avantha Masters. Apparently, Jaidee hit a tee shot that landed behind a telephone pole of sorts. After Jaidee monitored his situation, he calmly asked for a free drop, but was denied. Infuriated, Jaidee started hitting golf shots off the pole in protest, and one nearly clonked him in the face.

After all this, as Jaidee approached the green, someone told him that the local rules say if you hit the pole off the tee, you must go back and re-tee, no penalty. He walked back, hit his tee shot, carded a bogey, and then reeled off four birdies in a row. Calmly.


Lefty said...

It's a light pole. There are several of them on the course. I guess so that people can play in the dark. The one that Jaidee hit is on the 5th fairway and seems to be in range of almost anyone hitting off the tee box.
It was bizarre watching him hit the box. Twice. If I remember correctly, he stated that it was a movable obstruction (I wonder if his caddy had a crane handy).
It does look as if he was aiming for it. Twice.

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