Sunday, February 20, 2011

Three-Putting Will Now Be Called 'Pulling a Coles'

So, that's not how you're supposed to do that? Robert Coles is a 38-year-old journeyman professional golfer who has never won a PGA Tour or European Tour event. Since he turned pro in 1994, he has been able to sneak away with three Challenge Tour wins (Nationwide Tour across the pond), but nothing more than that.

Then came Sunday at the Avantha Masters. It was his chance! He was going to finally do this! Career, meet being made.

All Coles needed was a birdie on the short closing par-5 to do so, and after a big drive, it seemed like destiny would take over. His second shot couldn't find the putting surface, and that is when the lug nuts started to unscrew. Coles bladed his chip shot past the hole about 20 feet, but it was still a makable birdie putt for the win. That, however, would be the last time the words "win" were associated with Coles' Sunday in New Delhi. The birdie putt ran by the hole eight feet, he couldn't sneak that one in for a playoff, and four shots from around the green later, Coles would remain winless.

The only real thing to say about all that? Golf is mean. Mean mean mean mean mean. This guy has been waiting his entire life for a chance like this, and after a great swing with his driver, it appeared four would be the highest he walked away with. But then the golf gods took over, he made six, and the flight home was probably agonizing.

Anyone looking for a tennis doubles partner?

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John said...

I thought three-putting was already called "Pulling a Phil."

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