Friday, February 4, 2011

Welcome to the Waste Management!

This is a picture Christian Petersen took for Getty Images at the Waste Management Open. It was one of the first that popped up when I typed in "golf." Honestly, is there a better photo to describe the last few days in Arizona? Probably not.

It's funny, because anyone that lives in the city of Phoenix, no matter their wealth, wouldn't be teeing it up in this weather. Nobody. We have a million days of good weather in this state so anytime it snows or rains or is windy or, heaven forbid, it's cold (Ben Crane told me he wore three pairs of pants yesterday ... THREE!), nobody is golfing.

But the PGA Tour members don't have a choice. They are forced to get out there when the bell rings and play their hearts out, and while you'll see a lot more pull a Camilo Villegas this week (shot 78 in the opening round, is somewhere in Florida right now I'm assuming), the golf will go on, mittens or no mittens.

So yes, if there is a heater around, caddies will warm up near it. But the golfers will still be swinging.

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