Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bubba Watson Shows Why It's Easy to Love Bubba Watson

There is an old "Friends" episode where Phoebe debates the merits of charity. For the most part of 30 minutes, the zany blonde basically says it is impossible to do a selfless good deed, and that all good things come with a bonus, most of that is feeling good when the good deed ends. With that in mind, Bubba Watson must be feeling pretty darn good right now, because the way he handled donating to Japan is really top notch, and is one of those things that few athletes would ever really do.

It's what makes Bubba Watson Bubba Watson. Anybody that has ever spent a few minutes with him away from a microphone knows that he isn't like anyone else. He's goofy, he's quirky, but deep down he has an incredible heart. He volunteered to play in that Birdies for the Brave scramble because he loves the troops. He brought a camo bag that day, just nondescript enough to show everyone that he was there for them, not the other way around.

On Friday of the Transitions Championship, after having a conversation with Ryuji Imada about his idea of donating $1,000 per birdie, Watson calmly walked by a PGA Tour official and handed him a $50,000 check to help with Japan relief funds. No media, no ceremony, just a simple handoff to a guy that knew what to do with it.

I'm sure others golfers have donated money. I'm sure golfers donate money all the time, towards whatever is going on in the world or whatever organization could use it. I just think with moments like this, we have to sit back and give Bubba Watson a big thank you. And you know what he'd probably answer to that? "Your welcome." That's Bubba.

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