Monday, March 28, 2011

Does Phil Mickelson Look Cool or Kinda Strange In This Picture?

I seriously can't figure it out. I first thought he looked a little snazzy, but I'm now starting to think the opposite. A girl friend of mine thinks his eyes look weird. I'd love to hear your thoughts, and then jump over to Parade and check out his really solid interview.


seak said...

Interesting, cool interview. Don't know that I'd ever think to describe Tiger on the golf course as being even keeled though.

graykeller said...

Wow, I just want to see Phil with his cap on. I want to see him pissed off because he hit it into a bunch of trees but he will be damned if they are going to stop him.

Anonymous said...

@seak - The players all say that Tiger would erupt when he makes a bad shot, but by the next shot he is back to normal, as if he never erupted and got crazy. It never carries over, he does not dwell on the bad or good shot. Thats the even keel. Most players linger on good or bad shots.
Maybe Tiger coping mechanism during a stressful round is to emote and thus dont hold it in and let it linger. Perhaps a la John McEnroe -tennis player of bygone

Monique Agatep Ignacio said...

He looks cool :-)

seak said...

@anonymous - fair enough generally when you're saying someone has an even keel you can't tell (much) if they've hit a good short or a bad one, you can def tell with Tiger

Agree that letting it out is prob his coping mechanism. I'm sure many of us find that we get over things quicker if we let it out rather then holding it in

Anonymous said...

Phil, DL3, and atleast several other tourists want to be perceived as being tougher.

Anonymous said...

Some is wrong with Mickelson's eyes. The recent TV commercial really emphasizes the problem. Very strange looking.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yes! His eyes weird me out! My husband watches golf, and warns me as needed when he is about to be on camera.... or coming up. Commercials are tough! No warning! Suddenly there he is looking at me. EW! GROSS!!! Oogie feelings spread all over..... LOL!

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