Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Everyone In the World Makes Hole-In-Ones All the Time

It seems that headline is true, because at least once a week I get a story pointed my way about like 74 nuns making hole-in-ones all on their first time out and at this point I'm not even surprised anymore.

But this one is different, and ridiculous - three people made hole-in-ones on the same hole on the same day in Australia. Man, do I hate Australians today.

From Inside Golf via PGT ...

Dragan Milosevic was the first to achieve the feat, playing in the morning group. Marking a triumphant “1″ on the card, Dragan was, needless to say, extremely confident he had sewn up the “Nearest the Pin” prize for the day.

But two afternoon players, Lance Robinson and Lindsay Howard, quickly dashed Dragan’s hopes, as they each scored aces of their own on the hole, achieving every golfer’s dream and giving the club an unprecedented three aces in one day.

The hole in question is the 14th at Melbourne’s Eastwood Golf Club, and it plays a hefty 150 yards (play the back tees you dorks), but congrats and all that jazz to these three people that live on the coolest continent in the world and get to play golf while laying out with beautiful women all the time. I hope you three split a winning lottery ticket while you're at it.

(This kid isn't one of the ones in this story, but he's also a jerk for making an ace. What is he, 7? Nice shorts, now go back to looking at your framed ace plaque and listening to Miley.)


Anonymous said...

Is that kid 7' tall or is that the worlds shortest flag stick?

seak said...

maybe you should get the Tiger Woods iphone app, pretty sure he's made a few hole in ones :)