Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ian Poulter and Graeme McDowell Get in Trouble for Being Awesome

On Tuesday, I had a conversation with one of my buddies at one of the bigger golf companies about the recent Golf Digest rankings. We were cracking up that Augusta National was number one. "Of course it's number one, it's Augusta National," we were saying, and then just murmuring about how stupid those course rankings really are. Oh thanks golf magazine for ranking the best golf course none of us will ever be allowed to play. Also, can you rank hottest actresses and coolest billionaire friends?

But it's nice to get a glimpse of some of these golf courses at times. I got chills when I drove by the entrance to Cypress Point during my time at Pebble Beach. Anytime I've ever driven through the CITY of Augusta National I get goosebumps, just because I know somewhere buried off I-20 is a golf course that has more history and prestige than most presidents.

But the one thing about Augusta is they don't want us mere mortals to know anything about it. I've heard stories from people that have worked at the club that would have the higher ups at Augusta rolling in their green jackets. Stuff that is extremely hush-hush, and I had to vow never to repeat online.

It appears Graeme McDowell and Ian Poulter aren't too worried about the Rules of Augusta though. On Tuesday, the two top Europeans took a flight over to Augusta to play the course (Ed. Note: How sick is that? Flying over just to get a practice round in? And people argue with me that being a professional golfer isn't the best job in the world.), and McDowell and Poulter did what they do best; took to Twitter to post videos of the trip (Poulter's is above, McDowell's is right here).

It didn't take long for the wrist slaps to come. Steve Elling talked to Masters spokesman Steve Ethun who said, "Players are asked not to use their cellphones (anywhere) on property."

I mean, COME ON. You are putting your golf course on a video game these days. We have access we've never had before. Let the boys have some fun with their followers. Also, I can't find it now, but there was an old YouTube video of Fuzzy Zoeller driving up Magnolia Lane that I've watched a few times and it was WAY more intimate with Augusta than this will ever be. I haven't heard of his Champions Dinner invitation getting revoked.

You're Augusta, and we love you, but don't cut out all the fun. These are guys enjoying their fame and sharing it with the world. Let it be.


Anonymous said...

Here, here!

graykeller said...

If a person can call and get a player disqualified by phone then why can't they have all access? Seems two faced.

Anonymous said...

Heaven forbid, lest somebody catch on video an Augusta member blowing his brains out with a handgun.

Anonymous said...

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