Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'm Sorry, But This is Too Funny Not to Share

I know it isn't really the most journalistic thing in the world, but tell me you didn't chuckle at this, and I'll call you a liar.

via Daily


Anonymous said...

I didn't chuckle...I laughed. Awesome. Thanks for sharing. Naughty magazine arranger, too!

Evov31 on Twitter

Anonymous said...

Lets face the fact Tiger has already reached his peak and now is on the downward side of the hill! Another fact when Tiger was in his prime he did not have the competition he has now, with the new equiptment and young guns he is now the Derek Jeter of baseball! He is still good enough to play as a starter but getting paid less. We all get old but do we want to admit it!

Anonymous said...

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