Thursday, March 3, 2011

John Daly Attempts to One-Up Charlie Sheen, Sues Honda Classic For Ridiculousness

If you're a pro golfer, you are probably used to things distracting you. If it isn't someone yelling, it's a golf cart driving by at the wrong time or a camera going off. At times we see professionals get annoyed, but for the most part, they're trained to handle these sorts of things.

Unless you're John Daly. He don't want your stupid cameras clicking, ya hear! Daly is suing the Honda Classic for $15,000 due to an incident in 2007 that involved a camera going off, and an injury following.

Ready for Daly to yet again impress you with his ridiculousness? Let us dive in (via the NYT) ...

The two-time major winner filed a complaint in a Florida court on Wednesday seeking $15,000 in damages, alleging he aggravated an old injury as a female patron took a flash picture of him during the 2007 edition of the tournament.

Daly, who withdrew from the tournament, alleges in the complaint that security was negligent because they allowed her on the course with a camera and failed to remove her after he told them she had a camera.

At the time of the incident, the woman was a resident of the complex where the tournament was being held and it was not clear whether she went through standard security screening.

So Daly is suing a golf tournament for something that happened in '07, and that something is some lady taking a picture and it forcing him to stop his swing, which resulted in an injury?

This sounds like some bizarro golf version of Clue. "I'll take Mr. Daly, at the Honda Classic, with the camera injury!"

No no ... it isn't the golf tournament's fault that some lady took a picture of you swinging. I'm sorry, I hate that you got injured, but this is a little too strange and a little too much of a stretch. I know Daly isn't exactly raking in the millions right now, but if he needs $15,000 this much, just show up a day early to Augusta and sell a few more shirts. I feel like that'll do the trick.

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