Monday, March 28, 2011

John Daly's Fourth Ex-Wife Is About To Become Really Popular in Golf Circles

Nobody likes a rat, right? Well, expect Sherrie Daly to become very unpopular among professional golfers, as her tell-all book "Teed Off" seems to focus on everything that is wrong with professional golfers behind the scenes.

Sherrie sat down with the New York Post for a must-read interview (trust me) if you ever want to feel better about yourself. In it, Sherrie chatted about the life of the pro golfer, and from what she says, it isn't just Tiger Woods that was having a little fun outside his master bedroom.

Some of the highlights ...

“Its not just Tiger. It’s John and others, believe me,” she tells The Post. “Professional golfers behave as dirty as any other professional athlete or rock star.”

“Golf sluts may dress in golf outfits, with those nerdy visors and argyle socks and sweater vests and pretend they’re interested in the game. But they’re just whores in preppy clothes."

“Little did I know that being a golf wife would mean fighting off strippers,” she writes. “Strippers swarm the course alongside the real golf fans, acting like they’re watching the game. Only they’re wearing slutty high heels made out of rubber, and they’re handing out to all of the players fliers for the strip clubs where they work. The grass is just littered with pieces of paper printed with pictures of those nasty strippers on them.” Golfers easily picked these women up on the sly, writing their numbers down on golf balls instead of autographing them. (Ed. Note: That's a brilliant move with the golf ball thing ... I'd love to know which pro came up with that one. Smart stuff.)

“I’d been told by many men in Memphis, including my banker, that there was a girl who’d give golfers [oral sex] when they got to the 16th hole at Southwind. Apparently, all they had to do was pay $300 when they got there, and shed take them into the bushes and she’d do it for them right there,” she writes.

Also, there is an interesting story, and I use the word "interesting" in a very "I really hope this isn't true, man, why is everyone in the world batshit crazy" kinda way, about Sherrie fighting two strippers while pregnant, only to have John force fruit cake down her mouth and then leave her on the side of the road as the bus drove off. I can't believe that relationship didn't last!

But seriously for a minute ... are there people that don't think professional golfers have the group that takes down a lot of females, hangs with strippers, and does blow occasionally? Of course it does! These are millionaire athletes that are famous and travel 50 weeks out of the year. I think it's more incredible to hear stories about guys that don't do this sort of stuff.

Anyway, go read the story. She's insane, and it's entertaining. Also, that is her in the photo above, dressing conservatively.


seak said...

I would be surprised if more then half of married PGA pros hadn't cheated on their wives. And chances are you aren't going to know about it, bc they're going to put out the happily married puff pieces.

Pam P said...

this is exactly why the "shock and awe" about Tiger seemed so out of proportion. Yes, his numbers are bigger, but the entire tour isn't sleeping single every night. He got caught and his fellow players are only thanking their lucky stars every single day that they haven't made the papers too.

Anonymous said...

She looks good enough to date Tiger Woods.

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