Wednesday, March 2, 2011

LPGA Player Gives Kidney to Brother

Here is a rather cool and uplifting story for you hump day.

According to Golfweek's Beth Ann Baldry, LPGA player Beth Allen donated one of her kidneys to her brother on Tuesday. Allen's brother, Dan, went to see a doctor at 26 and was told his kidneys were the size of a 13-year-olds, and he had his first replacement in 1999.

Now, Beth is helping out again.

He described his sister’s sacrifice as “beyond words.”

Again, I'm always excited to write positive stories about professional athletes, especially during a week when the news has been trampled by some out of work actor who is spending all of his time with porn stars and TV show hosts.

Thanks for keeping us smiling, Beth, and good luck with the new kidney, Dan.

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diane said...

porn stars and TV show hosts

Isn't that a redundancy?