Thursday, March 3, 2011

PGA Tour Wives Trying to Become More Relevant

NBA wives, watch out, because PGA Tour ladies could soon be giving you a run for your fame-yearning money.

Five PGA Tour wives/girlfriends have pitched an idea to get their own reality show, roughly called "I Never Knew Marrying a Dorky White Golfer Could Be This Awesome."*

This is all according to's Alan Bastable ...

"We're the bad girls, I don't know what else to say," Liz Estes, Bob's wife and one of the women pursuing the show, said half-jokingly in a phone interview.

Joining Estes in her quest for reality-TV stardom are Melissa Weber Jones, wife of Matt Jones and a former Miss Idaho, and Alli MacKenzie, Will's wife and a model who has been featured in a pictorial in the men's magazine FHM. (Leot Chen, Vaughn Taylor's fiancée, and Erin Walker, Jimmy's wife, who writes a blog about traveling on Tour, also partook in the photo shoot, but they said they have no interest in appearing on a reality show.)

I mean, it isn't a bad idea at all for these ladies to pitch this thing, but it's also one of those things to will need to appeal to a completely different demographic than actual golfers. While these females are all attractive, I don't know a golf fan over the age of 28 that would be caught dead seeing what these ladies are doing each week. (Which is mostly hitting up the local Nordstroms, getting massages, figuring out the best sushi spot in town and patiently waiting it out until a glass of wine is acceptable.)

So, honest question ... would you tune in to watch PGA Tour wives hang around and do stuff they normally do, or is this idea a little too crazy?

Photo courtesy of Reverb Collective


Anonymous said...

Watch? Not a chance!

Pam P said...

if bravo tv can make a gazillion dollars pimping botoxed, fake tanned women with too much money and time on their hands, then why not these vacuous vixens? it will do nothing but reiterate that golf is a rich, white man's pursuit and wouldn't that be the BEST thing for the Tour? *squeal*

graykeller said...

I'm afraid it would be like a tweeter said earlier today. (Desperate Clubhouse Wives, Episode 3. How to hide excitement when your spouse gets paired with Camilo Villegas.)

Golfstinks said...

I think what appeals to many viewers of these types of shows is the amount of money they spend on frivolous things and the general silliness of their antics. Do PGA Tour husbands make enough money for their wives to pull this off? Will they spend $30 grand on a toddler's birthday party? Will they get into a drunken fight over the cabana boy? That's the kind of ridiculousness that viewers like - not sure if it matters all that much what the husbands do.

Will said...


Jono said...

If they are hot, men will watch.

electric golf buggy said...

They have taken a page from the Basketball Wives reality show. This only helps their husbands being talked about.

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