Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ping Might Leave Phoenix Because I Got High, Because I Got High ...

I apologize for the dated Afroman reference, but news out of the Arizona Republic is that Ping, the company that has parked their business in the Valley of the Sun for the past 45 years might be yelling adios if something doesn't change with a medical marijuana facility built right down the road.

That's right, a medical marijuana station is headed for the Ping neighborhood, a place that already has two strip clubs, and the golf company is trying their hardest to get the pot shop closed. If not, they might not do the $170 million renovation they were planning, and could even head out of Phoenix entirely.

What does this mean? Well, it would cost the Phoenix community about 800 jobs, and the golf company that has been part of this area for as long as a lot of Phoenicians have been alive. The ASU golf course is even named Karsten, and moving away would be tough. It might also cost the company a big player. Bubba Watson lives in Scottsdale, and I'm assuming one of his favorite parts of being with Ping is that he can jump in the car and drive down the street to work with the fittings, new clubs, etc. If Ping left Watson behind, it might give the long-hitting lefty more of a reason to leave the company if something else came along.

No matter, Ping makes it very clear - no pot with your Ping!

h/t PGT


Will said...

Coming from someone who looks high all the time ... AMEN PING!!! ... If I get one more, "yeaaaa medical marijuana ... (finger points at me) ... you know what I'm talking about", I may move to whatever state Ping is heading to! In fact, scratch that. Ping hire me right now. (480)246-5601. We will start a new add campaing. "We're not high ... really!"

Anonymous said...

Huh? They should be offering a big bag with each set of overpriced irons.

Patricia Hannigan said...
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Anonymous said...

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