Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tiger Woods Gets Johnny Miller

With Johnny Miller, you know what you're going to get (a Sunday 63 *clown car horn*). He's opinionated, he spouts of anything that comes into his mind, and he doesn't really care who is listening or what they think of what he says. For that, either people love him or hate him (I'm, actually, not sure which one I am ... the guy is insane, but it's a rather comforting insanity if you ask me ... he does what nobody else in the world does).

Tiger Woods is a huge target for Mr. Miller, and it came about against when Miller compared Tiger to Mike Tyson (Tiger needs more facial tattoos).

Here is what Woods said about the comment on Wednesday.

Q. How did you feel being compared to Mike Tyson? Pretty unfair, wasn't it?

TIGER WOODS: Well, I don't think I'm as big as he is. (Laughter). No, but that's Johnny being Johnny, and making statements like that, I think he's done that before in the past, hasn't he.

Yes, he has ... a lot. A lot a lot. Johnny loves hearing himself talk, and that's probably good since his job is to do just that, so when he makes ridiculous points comparing Tiger to Mike Tyson (I'd love Tiger's cameo in "Hangover 3"), you just have to laugh it off, as Tiger did right there.

So, officially, Tiger isn't Mike Tyson ... yet.


Anonymous said...

Let me know when 50 Cent buys Tiger's old house.

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