Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tiger Woods iPhone App Costs $10, Makes Your Swing Like His (Yikes!)

You know the perfect time to come out with a mobile application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that helps compare the general public's golf swing to your own? When you are swinging as poorly as you've ever swung! Brilliant!

That's what Tiger Woods has done with his new "Tiger Woods: My Swing" app. It costs $9.99, and while I'm dogging the idea, I must mention, proceeds head towards his foundation.

Here are the details ...

The application will allow golfers to capture video of their swings to analyze and compare to Woods'. Woods serves as a virtual teacher. The app also includes personalized videos in which Woods answers questions.

Nonetheless, I think this is great! Next up for apps - Charlie Sheen's "How to live a normal life" app and the Rebecca Black "How to write a song that isn't annoying as hell" app. Count me in.

Getty Images


Gene Oberto said...

Seriously, sometimes this stuff just writes itself.

What is amazing is that he is in such a bubble that he or SOMEone in the Wood posse didn't pause and think "Why would anyone want this now?"

Maybe I'll hear this on the head phones:

“It’s getting better." “I hit a couple of squirrely ones, but it’s feeling a lot more consistent.”

seak said...

Yeah, the timing on this is really poor (if he wins this week though he looks genius). That being said from reading a wired article on it, seems like a big selling point is the ability to video and then upload and analyze your own swing

Cam said...

As stupid as this sounds at the moment. I bet it will sell truckloads!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is smart to get all the information before you make comments, because that wins you friends and not enemies.
What, you dont think a golfer who has been "HANDED" 14 majors and 87 worldwide wins by the age of 35, has no ability, capability, knowledge of the golf swing? Why not - he did not play all those tourneys, his swing coaches did that.
Bill Clinton commited adultery, so lost his ability to be President of the USA?

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