Friday, March 25, 2011

Tiger Woods Is Going to Win This Weekend

Yep, that's right, I said it ... Tiger Woods is going to win the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

It isn't really anything he's doing different. He has hit the ball consistent with his irons all week (67 percent greens in regulation in both rounds), and is putting well, but more than anything, it just feels like a Tiger week. Early on Friday, Woods went out and posted a 4-under 68 on a tough Bay Hill course. He jumped the leaderboard before most people on the west coast had breakfast, and can now sit back and watch people struggle.

He's placed himself in a position that he is used to, if only he can pull memories from the past that used to be second nature to him. And, he's due. Tiger needs to win a golf tournament for everyone, not just himself. He needs it for sponsors, for the PGA Tour, and for the fans, because as my dad said to me this morning, "Golf just isn't that much fun to watch without Tiger contending." Call that as homer as you want, but it's true. You love watching Tiger in the hunt, even if you hate the guy. That's why he's going to win.

And I hope he does. I really do. No, I'm not the biggest Tiger fan, and I get sick of talking about the guy (I've relegated to telling people I'm in accounting now instead of golf as to avoid having to speak of Woods when I'm not on my computer), but I'd love to see him win. It's the story that would lead "PTI" on Monday over anything that happens with basketball this weekend. It would be bigger than the NFL lockout, and it would get people chatting about this sport just as Augusta slaps us in the face.

So win, Tiger, and win by a lot. I think it would be a really good time to do it.

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Anonymous said...

You can have Tiger, and I'll take the field.

Anonymous said...

I cannot disagree more with those saying that golf isn't fun to watch without Tiger. This past year was glorious we got 3 first time major winners (the masters is nearly impossible for a first time winner). We got to see the young guns separate themselves (Rory, Dustin, Bubba) it has been so wonderful to see guys step up without Tiger. Tiger is the Yankees, I for one love the parity and hope that I can enjoy for at least another couple of years.

Having golf covered on PTI or Sportcenter isn't going to change much for golf. I feel we need strong consistent growth of the game from having deep fields and learning about different personalities. Instead of the personality-less Tiger.

Colleen Hannigan said...
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Patricia Hannigan said...

Anon, you're clearly an avid golf fan and what you say is totally true from that perspective.

Beyond the avid fans though are the masses of casual fans, and more than ever those masses need to see Tiger contending. They need the electricity that the other players just don't bring at this point. Like Shane I'm not the biggest Tiger fan but I too would love to see him win. He doesn't need to dominate every time like he once did... and it's unlikely that'll happen again... but he does need to contend regularly and maybe win from time-to-time. And I'm pretty sure most of the other PGA Tour players would agree on that.

Anonymous said...

i love sport.but honestly, i'm not really a fan of golf. in fact, i don't even watch golf.however, if tiger woods is playing? i'll definitely will watch him.i believe most of us wanted to
see him break the record.(most win in major)


Anonymous said...

Shane said,

"I've relegated to telling people I'm in accounting now . . . ."


Does anybody have a clue why he used this word?

It doesn't sound anything like "resorted," which would be the obvious choice.

Shane should be relegated to a remedial writing course.

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