Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tiger Woods is a Good Businessman, Horrible Tweeter

We all know Tiger Woods loves the dollar bills. Before EscaladeGate, Tiger was endorsed by nearly as many things as popular Nascar drivers. But when the sponsors dropped, Mr. Woods needed to find different ways to fund his fun. That's why he came out with an iTunes app that will analysis your golf swing. I wrote my thoughts on paying $10 for an app that basically tries to make you swing like Tiger Woods and not yourself, but lookie there, TIGER USES THE APP TO PREPARE!!

That's what his latest tweet said. Tiger, foregoing the usual video taping with coach Sean Foley and looking at it during the course of 18 holes, is just yanking out his iPhone and trying to emulate himself!! BRILLIANT!

I'm going to come out with an app soon called "Ask Shane Bacon a Question" and what it will do is ask me a question. And then I can use it. To ask myself stuff. It seems almost too good to be true! I have so many questions already lined up to ask myself! Do you think $40 is too much for that app?


mdbrigham said...

it just seems like he and his team could come up with something better than this. And the shameless self-promoting tweet...."What do you guys think???" Ass.

seak said...

When Tiger first started tweeting it was shameless self-promotion of hey I'm a regular guy, which is fine because that's sort of the point of twitter for most famous people. Everyone throws in plugs for products they endorse, ok, fine.

Tiger is going to run himself into (more) negative PR though, unless he either starts tweeting more about Tiger as regular guy, or stops tweeting about products. One quick way for people to dislike you on twitter is if all you do is promote your products.

Oh and hey Shane, get that you don't like the app, but unless he's lying about the money going to his foundation, he's not using it to make a buck.

mike said...

Tiger and regular guy do not belong in the same sentence. He lost touch with regular somewhere in the late 90's. I predict he will tweet for a bit more to try and get some more sponsors, then quit.

Anonymous said...

Anyone over 15 is a little old for tweeting.