Thursday, March 10, 2011

What In the Hell Happened to Mike Weir?

It seemed for years that when the word "consistency" came up in golf, a few names were always discussed; Jim Furyk, Ernie Els, Tiger Woods, and of course, Mike Weir, the wiry little Canadian with the compact golf swing and major success. Weir has eight PGA Tour wins over his career, including that 2003 Masters, but has since absolutely and utterly fallen off the map.

Like really bad. Like bad enough to where he doesn't even have his PGA Tour card anymore, and has broke 70 exactly one time this season. How has he done lately? Umm, not so great.

At the Northern Trust, Weir shot two rounds of hockey sticks (pun intended) before badly missing the cut, and then fired his third straight round of 77 at the Honda before an 85 that had him 34-over par in four rounds of golf. Things had to improve at this week's Puerto Rico Open though, right? I mean, he can't go doing this same stuff when all the big names are at Doral.

Wrong. Weir shot a 41 on the front nine on Thursday, and quickly withdrew, meaning in five tournaments and one front nine of golf this year, Weir is 49-over par!

It's really quite sad to see these types of situations play out. Like David Duval from years past, some people just absolutely lose their golf game and can never find it. For people that are trying to make money playing this game for a living, it must be something that is in the back of their heads, pestering for all of eternity. Weir never was supposed to be here. He always seemed to be in the hunt, and always seemed to be a name that would, every six months, be in the winner's circle and we'd be talking about the Canadian lefty.

But not anymore. The guy couldn't break 70 with a sneaky eraser. Hopefully he can find his form at some point, and get back out there so we don't have to look away anytime we see his name on a leaderboard.

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John said...

Hurt, perhaps?

chris_villasenor said...

Undoing the "Stack and Tilt" damage, see Aaron Baddeley, but still needs some time.

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