Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Who Are the Best American Golfers on the PGA Tour?

All week the talk has been about the European takeover of the PGA Tour. For the first time since 1992, the top four golfers in the world are all from Europe, but what about the Yanks? Here is my list fo the top-5 Americans on tour right now. Guess who isn't making the list ...

1.) Matt Kuchar -- Only one win in 2010 (At the Barclays), some might say you need more victories to be at this top spot, but the guy is incredibly solid. In the last two years, Kuchar has played in 31 events and finished in the top-10 in 15 of those events, including four of five this season. He has moved to 10th in the world in the rankings after his third place finish at the Accenture, and seems very ready to collect a few more wins this season.

2.) Bubba Watson -- A win already this season, and two in his last 15 starts, Bubba isn't just America's darling anymore, he's solid and possibly dominate. Sure, he didn't win the match play, but he showed some serious game down in a few matches to get back in a few of them. You can't shake your head when the top golfer in the world beats you on the 18th green.

3.) Mark Wilson -- What, he isn't?! The guy has won twice this year, and while it isn't exactly the Masters and U.S. Open, the field at the Waste Management was pretty impressive.

4.) Steve Stricker -- Dropping ever so slightly on this list because of his play of late, Stricker does have two top-10s this season and won twice a season ago, even if both came before the British Open.

5.) Nick Watney -- Four starts, four top-10s in 2011. He's solid, he posts low numbers, and he is more fiery than some others that come around from the States.

Alright, your thoughts? How wrong is this list?

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Will said...
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Will said...
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Will said...

Shane, you I know I love you but Tiger is simply a better golfer than Mark Wilson! I'm not taking anything away from Mark's recent track record. It's very impressive. My only point is if you, Shane Bacon, were forced to make a $100 bet on who is going to win the Masters and you could only pick Tiger or Mark, you would pick Tiger. Not just because it's Augusta, I'm betting you would make the same bet in any tournament they're both playing. .... Disclaimer: Don't judge my writing! I didn't go to journalism school and I don't have a blog! ha!

greenfee said...

If your list is based on current form I agree those are the guys who are playing well and therefore the best American golfers on tour.
By the same argument, on current form, Mark Wilson IS a better golfer than Tiger Woods. If I was a gambler I'd like to think I'd bet with my head not heart and put my $100 on Wilson at Augusta.
Mark Wilson's stats for 2010 on driving accuracy & GIR are impressive #26 & #12 respectively. Putting not so #145/#152.
An underrated golfer I feel.

seak said...

Actually, Augusta is one of the few places I'd put my money on Tiger as opposed to Wilson. I think it's one of those courses you have to know, and Tiger and Lefty know it better then anyone.

Plus you have to put, and Tiger's putting stats are actually pretty good this year in limited reps (if a bit deceptive since Torrey really skews short puts).