Friday, April 29, 2011

Alex Cejka Had to Withdraw from Zurich Open Because He Wedge'd His Toe

I used to get mad on the golf course. Maaaad. I'd slam clubs and yell and talk to myself and walk away from the golf cart. It's a mix of temper and competitiveness and unless you're Matt Kuchar, the frustration is going to come out.

But most of the time, you want to avoid any harm to you or others around you. My uncle always jokes that if you're going to throw your club, make sure you do it in a helicopter type of motion as not to snap your shaft down the fairway. It appears Alex Cejka might want to go to my uncle's school of thought, because he had to withdraw from the Zurich Classic in New Orleans after he broke his own toe with a wedge.

I'll let my buddy Jonathan Wall over at Yahoo! pick it up from here ...

In a moment of frustration during the round, Cejka tried to slam his wedge into the ground, but instead of hitting the turf, caught his toe instead. He not only broke the toe, but took a considerable chunk of leather out of his golf shoe. If only he could take that kind of divot from the fairway.

Yep, dude broke his own damn toe and messed up a pair of perfectly good golf shoes! Now that is a double-bogey *carhorn*!

The only story I've ever heard that rivals this is one of an older gentlemen at my golf course that had a serious temper. Once, after missing a putt on the 18th green in a big money match, the guy broke his putter over his golf cart only to have the broken shaft of the putter lodge into his leg. That pissed him off even more, so the guy went ahead and drove his cart down to the lake and tossed his entire bag of clubs in the middle of the pond. If that wasn't enough, the guy quickly walked into the clubhouse and sold his golf cart to the first guy that took him up on the $1,000 offer.

Golfers are insanely funny sometimes.

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