Friday, April 29, 2011

A Fake Hustle Moment

Have you ever heard the term "fake hustle"? Basically it's when a player looks like he's trying really hard, but in essence, isn't. He's just going through the motions, but doing it in a way that looks like he's all over the court. Fake hustle isn't good, because you aren't really busting your butt, you're just making it look like you're busting your butt.

A sister of "fake hustle" is "fake tough." It's the guys that'll get in your face on a basketball court but will never really do anything. They're not tough, but they'll make you think they are. The thing is, if you look them in the eyes, you can see that nothing would ever happen. Like a snake, they're more scared of you then you are of them. Mobb Deep had something like this, when he once said, "there ain't no such things as halfway crooks."

Why am I telling you this on a golf blog? Because that's exactly what I feel when I read the above tweet by Tiger Woods on Friday. He probably was getting 100 questions a minute when he opened up his account to questions, but he went with this one. "I have 14 of them." I mean, come on dude. You are 176th on tour in driving accuracy, so you really think your driver is the equivalent of Tin Cup's 7-iron? You are 121st in putting average, so you're going to compliment Mr. Three Wiggle?

I just don't get this. It was like when he answered the, "Who is the best in the world right now" question with, "When I get my swing together ..." Come on, Tiger, you're not fooling us anymore. We're not idiots.

I don't know why this irks me, but it does. It's like he wants us to think he's tough, or over-confident or something, when he really, really isn't. The real answers are out on that golf course, in the dirt, and for the last two years, you haven't shown us anything.

So maybe stop with the fake hustle. We're not really buying it anymore.


Anonymous said...

I dont get what your problem is here with Woods' answers. What inside info do you have that he is faking it."GUT is always suspect" Who cares if he fakes it, since he is not paying my salary, taking caring of my children etc. Truthfully, at the end of our lives, we will all face the Creator God, who we will have to give an account of our lives, so lets leave Woods et al to face the judgment, since it is not your job or my job to issue judgment

seak said...

Tiger is an eternally optimistic guy, he never seems to look at a negative. So while it's realistic to say he clearly has weaker and stronger clubs, its probably easier not to think that way, if you need to have confidence in all of them.

A guy who is a shooter always thinks the next one is going in, even if they haven't made one in 3 games.

graykeller said...

OMG you quoted Mobb Deep. Go on with your bad self. Speaking of halfway, it does no good to have 14 great go to clubs if your mind is not all on the game. (I started to say not all there)