Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Floating Golf Course Is Going to Be Awesome

We all know the phrase every golfer utters during every round of golf to his buddies - "Man, I sure wish there was more water on this golf course!"

Well, we're in luck, because Troon Golf has announced their plan to build a full 18-hole golf course that floats.

From their press release ...

Troon Golf, the leader in upscale golf course management, development and marketing is delighted to announce its appointment as technical advisors in one of golf’s newest and most exciting projects recently unveiled in the Maldives. Developed by the world-renowned Dutch Docklands company, industry experts in floating technology, the $500 million project is due to be completed in 2015 and will include a world class golf facility that will be interconnected by revolutionary underwater tunnels."

This project will be off the Maldives in the Indian Ocean, and I'm already throwing my hat out there to say I want to be one of the first to play this bad boy, and I'll write/sign/pimp anything you want to make this happen. A floating golf course?!? I think it's brilliant.

Now all they need is a floating cart girl, and this thing will be a perfect project.


Will said...

I'm not being a Debbie Downer! Just blame it on the finance in me! $500M, 20% down on a 30yr mortgage, at 5%, would be a monthly payment of $2,147,286.49! And, that's just the loan service! Not salaries, utilities, etc.! If they had 150 rounds a day (which is a WAY conservative estimate) times 30 days in a month that would be 4,500 rounds per month. This means they would need to charge $477.17 per round just to cover the loan! I'm not a millionaire nor would I think that anyone considers me a savy business man. But, this just seems a little crazy!!

Jake Gibson said...

Playing on this kind of course would be thrilling. Each player will be more cautious in this kind of environment, any miscalculated shot would be costly.

Paige Booth said...

This kind of course would be thrilling to play in. A course that is surrounded by water may be the most difficult to play with.

Dominic Lamb said...

Good way to maximize space. I think that golf courses takes a lot of space and the space that it occupies can be used as a residential or business area. Every course should be like this.

Lola Hilton said...

A floating golf course?! Wow! That’s awesome! Well I am also thinking of building a golf course as part of our outdoor improvement, but when I saw this post, it gave me an idea why not try this kind of golf course.

Allister McQueen said...

That's pretty innovative, to say the least. I just wonder how the fixtures and extra accessories on that floating island can stand up to the sea water; extended exposure will definitely take a toll on that island.

Tony Bolton said...

I wonder how they're going to maintain that island. It's already pretty tough keeping a full-sized golf course in order; besides, bringing the tools needed to the island and back will take a whole lot of effort.

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