Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How To Show People You're a First-Time PGA Tour Winner

Imagine winning your first PGA Tour title. It probably is pretty strange, huh? You, standing on the 18th green, the final putt dropped, and everything hits you at the same time; "Holy hell, I just WON a PGA TOUR tournament!!!" You've dreamed of this moment since you were a fetus.

But now comes the unfamiliar part. The handshakes, the interviews, the need for your attention, and everything that goes with landing in uncharted waters. What is the best way to show that you're a little nervous, or a bit out of your element?

By cutting your hand on the trophy you just won. That's how!

According to the AP, Brendan Steele did just that on Sunday after taking home the Valero Texas Open title.

The 28-year-old Californian cut his finger on the glass-and-stone trophy as he posed with it for pictures.

As you can see above, the trophy is in the shape of Texas ("Bigger than France!"), so I'm sure a few of the edges are sharp, but come on man, cutting your finger while posing with a trophy? You gotta be more veteran than that!

Getty Images


Derek Franks said...

I was there on the green when it happened. He actually cut it on the base of the trophy, not the glass. Apparently the edge on the stone was pretty sharp (and the trophy is very heavy).

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