Monday, April 25, 2011

It Seems the Pressel Family is Talented

I had a conversation with my dad this weekend about how crazy it must be to have not just one, but two elite athletes in your family tree. Think the Mannings, or the Sedins or the McKenzies (that would be Paige and Brock) and just think what the heck the parents must have done to get a couple of their kids to make it professionally in the same sport.

I guess the same can be said about Morgan Pressel's family. Her sister, Madison, won the Big 12 Championship for the University of Texas and helped the T-Sippers (Aggie high five!) win the whole thing as a team as well.

I don't really get it, but I guess when you have it in your blood, you just have it. Sadly, I'm not sure my sister and I are going to be winning the Stanley Cup anytime soon.

(Also, side note, but how University of Texas does Madison look? Seriously, doesn't she look like she should be on al their billboards? I think so.)


King Politics said...

Their uncle is the tennis player Aaron Krickstein.

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