Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kevin Na Was One-Under After Eight Holes, 11-over after Nine Holes

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That number you see above isn't a typo, or a mistake by the PGA Tour people. Kevin Na, infamous for being one of the slowest players on tour (this tweet by Jay Busbee is one of my favorite ever), took his time on the 9th hole on Thursday at TPC San Antonio, but not because he was worried about the wind or surveying the green; it's because it took him 15 shots to complete the par-4, moving him from one-under on the day to 11-over.

The best part of this whole thing? He was mic'd up by Golf Channel! At one point he was having a conversation with his disgruntled caddie about the score, saying to him that he had no idea how many shots he had taken and what his score was going to be.

So, let's do a rundown of how he made 15 16 -

Lost tee ball, lost tee ball, finds the third one, hits it out of the woods only to have it hit him (penalty), slap shot, punch out, hack, slap, green, putt, putt, add 'em all up! Honestly, there might have been another shot in there that I'm forgetting, but when you make 16, it's easy to lose track.

I once played in an AJGA qualifier in, ironically, San Antonio, and made a birdie on my 9th hole, only to turn to the 10th and make a 10, and then I birdied the 11th. For those scoring at home, birdie-10-birdie still isn't good.

Still, I would have taken six shots off of Na that day. Not all bad!

Update: Now with video!


Anonymous said...

Word of advice: You'll never score well if you hit your 11th shot backward.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Nobody wants to be remembered that way. I was shocked he didn't bring it back to the tee after going in the woods again. Understand the frustration though.

Rusty said...

That was a pretty nice putt!

mike said...

"You made a 16 on number 9? How did you do that?" "I curled in a nice 5 footer."

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