Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rory McIlroy's Short Game Facility Includes a Replica Road Hole Bunker

Before you go feeling extra sorry for young Rory McIlroy, who collapsed at the Masters over the final 18 holes to lose grip of a four-shot lead and his first true attempt at a major championship. remember something; the kid is loaded. Loaded loaded loaded. Loaded like a Charlton Heston bookcase.

An example of this came up on the 21-year-old's Twitter Thursday morning, when he showed off his new practice facility at his home, that includes a replica Road Hole Bunker mimicking, of course, the 17th hole at St. Andrews.

I mean ... this is so awesome. Why he'd need something this deep and short is beyond me, since he plays most of his golf in areas that don't have bunkers like this, but when you can build it, why not? Also, hey Rory, if you ever need someone to house-sit, might I suggest a certain 27-year-old blogger that enjoys chipping for hours on end? Call me!


rick said...

Did you mean Charlton Heston's gun case?

Shane B. said...

Nope, his book case, because even that probably had something loaded hidden in it.