Friday, April 29, 2011

See John Smoltz, Tournament Golf is Hard

I'm not going to waste your time anymore with my rants about ex-professional athletes playing in Nationwide Tour events. You know my stance, hopefully.

All I wanted to say is that if anything proves how hard it is to play actually tournament golf, it's when a scratch golfer goes out and fires a 12-over 84. That's what John Smoltz did in the first round of the latest Nationwide Tour event, and he is currently DFL, with only one other golfer failing to break 80.

I know Smoltz isn't a professional golfer, and I know that as a business, it's a good move because it gets us chatting about the tournament, but all I'm saying is this proves just how hard tournament golf is, and just how good these players are. Go out and acquire a handicap; post on that for a year or two; establish something concrete; and then add about 10 shots to it if you want to start playing tournament golf, because they count all those shots and you have to putt everything out and it just isn't the same as dicking around with your buddies.

I think Smoltz and Jerry Rice can teach us all a lot about the travails of pro golf. It's an extremely humbling experience.

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Anonymous said...

It seems like you have some self-hatred and insecurity issues. Not every amateur golfer just "dicks around with his buddies" and takes gimmes and mulligans etc. Some of us actually play by the rules, so adding 10 to my handicap is completely unecessary, but thanks. I applaud Smoltz's effort and his attempt to silence bitter critics such as yourself. Just because he shot 84 doesn't mean he's done forever and never has a chance to succeed. I hope you stay away from children as you sound like a complete dream crusher / wet blanket.

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