Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tiger Woods Again Cries Wolf

Let me ask you something ... have you ever gone to Las Vegas and spent some time in the sports book? Have you ever chatted about a certain game or match with your buddies and convinced one another that this game, this one, was such a lock you had to put a wager on it? And after you put more money on it than you should have, and you're getting killed five minutes into it, having that gut-wrenching moment when you think, "What in the hell was I thinking?"

That, to me, is Tiger Woods at this point. Anytime he does something good I spend time trying to convince myself that he is back and he is ready to contend again. His final round 66 at Doral was a good example of this. We all watched as Tiger recaptured our hope and thought, as he left the golf course, that this was the moment he found his swing. It wasn't. And after his 68 in the second round of Bay Hill, I wrote that I thought he'd win over the weekend, which I was embarrassingly wrong about.

But Friday at Augusta seemed different. He was actually making the putts he used to make and hitting great shots and looking confident and it felt different. But it wasn't. Not even a little bit.

"What in the hell was I thinking?"

Tiger's Saturday 74 was more of the same from Woods. He hit his driver bad, and didn't hit a ton of great iron shots, but when he did, he couldn't convert the putt. He missed short putts, including a par putt on 11 that really derailed any momentum he had heading into the back nine, and a three-putt par on the 15th hole that has played the easiest hole of the week. His missed par on 18, as he stood in perfect position off the tee just cemented the fact that Tiger is far from back, and we need to realize this.

It's easy to get excited, but that isn't the case.

He can't make a putt, he isn't hitting the ball that great, and just because he can go out on Friday and post 66 doesn't mean he's going to win the golf tournament. Fridays are when people like Bo Van Pelt (no offense) go low and then fade away on the weekend. Back in the day, Tiger would have followed that 66 up with a 68 and been off the races for another green jacket.

Now, he just forces me to slap my head, and mutter over and over again, "What in the hell was I thinking?" It's getting old, as I'm sure it is for Tiger Woods.

Associated Press


DingPGA said...

Yes, the golf world is waiting (impatiently) for the big TW come back. As soon as he has a good round everyone in the media gets all wound up like THAT was the round. They put too much credence to these rounds. Just let it happen and report what happens. Too often they aren't reporting what happened as much as they report what they are anticipating. That's not news, that's fiction. Each time they do that they make themselves look silly.

Anonymous said...

Tiger WAS a good player. His problems started when he tried to change his swing, I remember hearing that a few years ago. Ever since that point he has been getting worse and worse. he needs to get back to the basics and stop playing with what made him great to begin with. Go back to basics and become consistent again so he can recover from all this noise and trouble he's gotten himself into these past years.

khandor said...

Tiger Woods was the best golfer of all-time, for a period of 10+ years, because of THE WAY HE COULD WILL HIS WAY around a golf course in fewer strokes than anyone else in the game, based on his sheer mental strength and his almost inhuman capacity to DO ANYTHING HE WILLED HIMSELF TO DO, in any area of his life, not just on the golf course.

Once that WILL has been broken, it can never ever be put back together again, in the same way.

Woods will win again, if and when the time is right; but, he will never ever be the player he once was when he had a supreme belief in his own ability to do the near impossible, time after time again.

Rickro said...

While his swing gets him in trouble, Tiger's problem at THE MASTERS was with his flat stick. He, like others, that are TRYING to win, get jabby with the putter, at least that was what I observed on Sunday and I'm no expert, but clearly the dominating confidence Tiger had has left him. That can happen when missing 3 foot pars and 4 foot eagles!

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