Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tiger Woods' Injury Proves a Lot

It really has become one of the most interesting sports story of the last two years.

Tiger Woods, golf's lone superstar, continues to falter in his love life and golf game, and the more pressure we seem to put on his comeback, the more he seems to fail. But the one image we can all go back to happened at Torrey Pines, when Woods beat the field, the odds and an aching knee to win a major championship he had no business winning. He limped throughout the week and winced after tee shots but we knew he would make it through the pain and give us something to root for.

Now, things are different. On Tuesday, Tiger's website announced that he hurt his Achilles Heel during his run at Augusta National and won't be around for the Wells Fargo and possibly the Players Championship, meaning more time away from golf and competition and a chance at finding his game. The next time we see him, most likely at the U.S. Open, will be another return to the game, and a lot of questions to answer. "How are you feeling?" "How is the game?" "What are the chances you play well here?" And Tiger will give us the same vanilla comments that he always does, forcing a lot of us to roll our eyes and move on with our days.

But for now, it just means more uncertainty about the future of Tiger Woods, the man we used to always rely on. And while that is scary for golf fans and sponsors and tournament directors, it shouldn't surprise us. This is Tiger now; beaten, frustrated and a little broken, both mentally and physically. It'll be a while before any of that changes.

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seak said...

You think he doesn't play Memorial?

I wonder how much long term damage he did to that leg though playing on a torn ACL