Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BackwardsHatGate is Sweeping the Nation!!!

I'm not really one for breaking news, but I've got a hot tip on my hands and I must get it out there; old people hate when kids wear their hats backwards!!!! I'l allow you a second while that registers.




Yep, Rickie Fowler was told for the second time (the first being at Augusta National) to turn his hat forward at the Quail Hollow Championship last week, and for some reason, this has become some big debate or something. I'm not really sure. I laughed at Ballengee's headline about this, because it is basically the same thought I have; who cares?

Fowler does this after every round when he's getting interviewed. Maybe it's because he likes having his website out front. Maybe it's because he's 22. Maybe it's because he likes it.

And also, is there anything in the WORLD that shows how old golf and the golf media is than this ridiculous debate? "TURN YOUR HAT STRAIGHT, YOUNG MAN!" No, let him do whatever he wants. All the other golfers do.


Anonymous said...

I started wearing my hat backwards in middle school, and I'm 37 years old. Wether I should still be doing it is a fine question, but beside the point. If an aging country club member, married father of 2 does it, the sizzle has gone out of the steak. Free the hats!

Mike L. - Country Club Gangsta

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