Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Breaking News: Rory Sabbatini is Still a D-Bag

I must say, there aren't too many golfers this side of Chris DiMarco that I like less than Rory Sabbatini. It's sad, really, because he's a fellow Arizona Wildcat, and I try to like all my T-Loc buddies, but I just can't with Sabba-weenie. Everything the guy does is obnoxious, and I have got to the point that I try to just avoid anything I hear about him in the news, but you can't pass this up.

According to the AP's Doug Ferguson, Sabbatini might be facing a suspension from the PGA Tour for bitching out a volunteer and then nearly coming to blows with Sean O'Hair, a guy a lot of people on tour consider one of the nice dudes.

Apparently, Sabbatini is dealing with two issues. Here they are, the first being at Riviera, and I apologize, but the report is really, really confusing and I'm having a hard time getting a grasp of what happened where.

Two people with direct knowledge of the Riviera incident said the teenager placed an empty plastic bottle on foot-high grass right of the fifth green where he thought Sabbatini hit his ball. Sabbatini is said to have berated the youth for affecting his ball, although it turned out the ball was not his. The grass was so dense that three other balls were found, none belonging to Sabbatini.

Stewart Cink also played in the group with O'Hair and Sabbatini at Riviera. "It was raining. It was hard. We were all stressed trying to make the cut, and I think we might have been behind," Cink said Wednesday. "There were a lot of factors. And then the incident happened."

Cink didn't go into details and said it involved "another player in my group," without mentioning Sabbatini by name.
"It was embarrassing for me as a golfer," Cink said. "He did apologize directly to me. I hope he meant it and he moved on."

The other argument took a caddie to break it up.

Apparently, Sabbatini and O'Hair got in a screaming argument at the Zurich Classic, but nobody really knows anything about that, and Pat Perez, who played with the two, declined going into details about it.

But, let's face it. It's because Sabbatini is a loser that not a lot of people on tour like and it shows in instances like this. I mean, who the hell yells at a kid at a golf tournament trying to help out? The kid puts a water bottle down to identify your shitty tee shot and you're going to go after him? He didn't hit it, and he's probably some kid on a high school team that would take a spike mark to the eyeball for a chance to be where you are. So nice job on being a role model. Next time just go after him with your 4-iron and really give him a good feeling about professional golfers.

The PGA Tour could suspend him for 30 days, which would be awesome, because it would mean he'd miss both tournaments in Texas that he has won at before. And maybe it would teach him a lesson. Maybe he'd realize that screaming at volunteers isn't exactly proper protocol. Some people think Phil Mickelson is fake, but at least the guy is fake nice. Who cares if he hates you behind the curtains, as long as he gives you the appropriate fist pump and goes about his day. You don't care, and he sure doesn't, but at least he acts like he does.

It goes back to my philosophy on life ... if you're wearing a skull belt buckle, you're probably a douche that I would never hang out with. Stay classy, Rory.

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Anonymous said...

Yep he's a a-hole

rw said...

I would be for a permanent ban of this jerk if it were not for his one redeeming virtue that I've heard of -- his work with brain-damaged soldiers.

Anonymous said...

You folks are a tad hypocritical eh.When I was young and I would make such an utterance as you 2, and an adult hears, the reply would be "it takes one to know one". Be careful in your judgment of people, especially people whom you really dont know.Thank God we all have some good in us, even though we are all flawed humans.You see we were all created in the image of God.

Anonymous said...


Gene Oberto said...

It seems the dust up with O'Hair was because Sabbatini, a noted rabbit, called Sean out because of slow play.
Granted, he IS an a-hole, but I would endorse a few more fistfights if it would get these guys moving.

Anonymous said...

South Africans are usually the most mild-mannered people, but Sabbatini is proof that there are chumps everywhere in this world.

Anonymous said...

This is not the first time this immature little man has displayed unacceptable behavior during a PGA tournament. It's time to take action in order to preserve the integrity of the sport. Mr. Sorrytini needs a suspension and a mandatory anger management class slapped on his arrogant butt.