Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bubba Watson: Then and Now

A lot of people must wonder what changes Bubba Watson made from his first years on tour to now, when he seems to be winning at a phenomenal rate. Bubba was always a fan favorite because of his long-ball ability, but now that he's winning, he is creeping into superstar territory, and as you look at the photos above (the first from the Bob Hope in 2007, the second from last week's Zurich Classic), not much is the same.

Bubba has found fitness and is committed to it (his tweet before the final round in New Orleans started, "Yessiree off to the gym, then to the course ..."), and it looks like he's paying off. Also, the Travis Mathews clothing he sports really highlights that, and makes him one of the best dressed dudes on tour.

I'm interested in knowing how much weight Bubba has lost since that photo, so I'll tweet this at him and see if we can get a response. That is, if he isn't in the gym after his opening round at Quail Hollow.

Update: And just like that, Bubba responded; he said he's lost 25 pounds since that picture was taken in '07. Responding on Twitter in a matter of minutes; another reason to like the guy.


Discover Golf said...

I didn't even know Bubba was on Twitter, I don't know how I missed that one. But I agree with you a great guy that has obviously made some great changes in the last few years and i'm glad to see him having such a great season so far.

Jason said...

Bubba is Great on Twitter, One of the few PGA pros that will Tweet you back all the time