Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How Not to Drive a Golf Cart, No. 135663

I have no idea what this is from, but I know I got it off Facebook courtesy of one Cassandra Kirkland, and I know that it cracked me up (especially when I learned nobody got hurt).

Apparently the golf cart was in the way and so it needed to be moved so that this lady could get a drop. And apparently this man had never used a golf cart before, because he nearly plowed three fans before slamming into a tree.

Rules officials are always entertaining.

Update: Yes, this is from the European Ladies Tour, and yes, the driver is okay. No, his ego is not.


Mandy said...

I hope he is ok.

Anonymous said...

I hope he's seriously hurt.

Stephanie said...

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Steve said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steve said...

That was from the Turkish Open on the Ladies European Tour. From what I gather the official was ok, maybe just a bruised ego though, haha.
I have a little more info here:
Euro Tour Official Crashes Golf Cart

Unknown said...

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Thomas Woodall said...

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Geraldo Baker said...

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Dustin Briscoe said...

Looking at how the golf car bumped unto the tree, it seemed that golf cars ought to be driven a bit slower than how the man drove it. He may be in a hurry for the lady to drop off.

Abigail Holloway said...

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