Friday, May 27, 2011

John Daly Withdraws from BMW Championship Because of Injury (Wink, Wink)

You may remember a couple of weeks ago that Tiger Woods withdrew from the Players Championship because of an injury after just nine holes. He was playing terrible golf, and just didn't look the same, but as I said back then, it's a lot easier for an injury to nag you when you're a million over par.

Cue John Daly, Mr. WD. The man was 11-over par after just 14 holes at the BMW Championship on Friday before leaving the golf course because of a hip injury. Yep, that's likely.

See, the difference in someone like Tiger and Daly when it comes to withdrawing from tournaments is one has a history of doing this and one doesn't. One has played through pain like he has just a few days left on Earth while the other will whack a golf ball off a green when it's still moving in a major championship. One does this once every Hale-Bopp comment while the other will do it whenever he finds himself just a few shots north of par.

It's just sad that this is such a trend, especially with someone like Daly, because people aren't really going to see Daly compete anymore, they just want to see him. They want to see him whack a drive out of sight, and hit a few shots, and wear those goofy pants. He's an experience now more than a contender, but people that pay to watch a tournament have the right to see Daly, no matter if it's Good John or Bad John.

He is supposed to play in the Wales Open next week, and I'm sure he'll be there, injury free, because that's what John does. And he'll probably play well, because it seems whenever he pulls out of an event he comes back the next week with some obscure confidence. And that would be great, because we love it when Daly is a story. Just not this type of story. It's been published way too many times.