Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lee Westwood Just Can't Close

Some athletes have it, some don't. Tiger Woods had it. So did Michael Jordan. LeBron seems to have found it. Dirk is currently the IT version fo this.

The ones that don't have it is a lot longer of a list. Those are the guys that get there and can't close. In the last few years we've seen a lot of names that fit this bill. Rory McIlroy couldn't find it at Augusta. Dustin Johnson let it go at Pebble. Nick Watney fell apart at Whistling Straits.

And then there is Lee Westwood. A strange guy, this Westwood, the man has just two PGA Tour wins in his lifetime, yet he is still considered one of the biggest names, and best golfers in the world. Since 2007, Westwood has just three European Tour titles, which isn't something to brush off, but not nearly what you'd expect from a guy of his caliber.

We talk about Westwood like he's a superstar. Sunday at the BMW Championship, he might have shown us that we're really the only ones that think that.

Now I don't want you all to think I'm sitting here bashing Lee. I really like the guy. I like the way he carries himself, and how he seems to have a lot more fun than most superstars in this game. I like how competitive he still is, and how he's bounced back from down times in his career. But times like Sunday at Wentworth, with a short birdie putt on the last hole of regulation to force Luke Donald to equal, it just seems Westwood can find that "it" that some have deep down in their gullet.

Look at how Lee has played when he's needed to close. It always seems that he comes up a hair short of what you need to win. And look at his play in the BIG events in golf. No majors, no World Golf Championships, no Players or Tour Championships, and no wins at this here event, that some have considered the new fifth major in golf.

Westwood played brilliant golf for most of the day on Sunday to put himself in a position to win, but when he needed it, he couldn't close. That putt on the 72nd hole was pretty simple, and the wedge shot he dumped in the water in the playoff wasn't that hard.

It's just strange that a guy like Lee can play so good for so long, but right when he needs a certain shot, he can't find it.

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