Monday, May 9, 2011

Tony Romo Did Not Complete His U.S. Open Pass

I like Tony Romo. I know he gets a ton of flak, but the guy seems genuine enough, and I've heard a lot of fun stories post-Jessica Simpson that make him out to be a solid guy. It probably doesn't help that the guy suffers from the same disorder as I do, and a lot of you probably do; the poor man's a golfer, and he loves it.

Every year about this time, Romo tries to qualify for the U.S. Open, and he fails, but it's still fun. Last year, Romo shot a 2-under 69 to get past local qualifying and into the sectional event, where he had to withdraw after weather pushed it into workouts for the Cowboys.

This year, Romo couldn't find the same magic, posting a 9-over 81 in windy conditions on Monday to miss by a lot.

It still is fun to root for this guy to make it one day into a major championship. Do I think it'll ever happen? No, you have to go too low during the 36-hole sectionals to get into the event, and I'm not sure if Romo can do it, but he's shown in the past that he is good enough to post low scores in tournament conditions, which is a lot better than other professionals can say.

He didn't make it this year, but I hope he continues to try, and maybe one day, we'd see Romo at Pebble Beach or Winged Foot or something like that. I'd root for him.

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Andy said...

Gotta love that Romo tries to qualify instead of taking a handout sponsors' exemption into another event.

I don't know if he's been offered a sponsors' spot, but it seems that his goal is to QUALIFY for the US Open not "play in a PGA event."

I'd root for him too, but doubt he'll ever make it.

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