Sunday, June 26, 2011

Australian Golf Tournaments Seem Fun

Most scrambles or corporate tournaments are lengthy, time-sucking rounds that leave you regretting taking up this stupid game. Sure, you have a few chuckles, and maybe a beer or two, but when it's over, you're glad you're back at the office.

That is, unless you live in Australia. If you live in Australia, that corporate golf event might just turn into a trip to Spearmint Rhino.

GUESTS at a corporate golf day say they were were "violated" by two female promotional models when they were "groped on the knackers" and "had (their) faces pushed on to the girls' breasts" at a Darwin golf course last week.

"The girls were walking around opening up their bras and letting anyone see and feel their breasts.
"One of them flashed and then pushed her breasts right up against me."

Another offended source told Confidential: "When guys went to tee off the girls stood behind them and humped them. One girl threaded a frangipani through her nipple ring and said 'take this'. I was extremely uncomfortable.

But it didn't end there. A third source said: "I went to get a beer from the esky and one of the girls jumped into the esky, bent over in my face, passed the beer through her legs and said 'I've got a wedgie ... Oh I gave that to myself'.

Umm, well ... hum. I don't really know what to say here. "I've got a wedgie ... Oh, I gave that to myself"? I'm more insulted by the ridiculously cheesy "joke" than I am that some girl rubbed a perfectly good beer by her obviously not-so-clean female region.

Also, what the hell, Australia? You guys live in a cool place with awesome weather and really pretty people, and you go and throw this in our face (literally, it seems)? If that happened in America, I promise it wouldn't be the golfers that were complaining.

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But it does happen here Shane.,2933,286780,00.html