Friday, June 17, 2011


Thanks to the great people at Lexus (hey, go buy a Lexus ... heck, buy two!) for the entire weekend, we will be at out Congressional posting and tweeting from the U.S. Open. Swing by and check out what we have to offer and follow us on Twitter at @shanebacon.

Folks, give me a second ... just one. Hold on.


Okay, whew. That felt better. It has been two delayed flights, a lost courtesy driver, a 3 AM arrival at the airport, three wrong turns to Congressional and crutching for about a mile to get to where I have internet access at the wonderful U.S. Open, but I'm here.

(Honestly, traveling is overrated. I've got an idea for travel in the future; just knock me out until we get there. I don't care how bad it hurts. I'm fine with it.)

My first reactions about Congressional is the fairways look as nice as most greens I've putted on, and everyone here seems pretty excited to be watching one of the best examples of golf we've ever seen in this tournament.

I'll be updating as the week goes on, but just thought I'd toss this out early.

And while we're here, Rory at Congressional through 36 or Tiger at Pebble through 36? Go!

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Will said...

I never thought I'd say this, much less say it little more than a decade later. However, Rory has this one. To date, 2000 Pebble is still (in my book) the most dominate showing in the history of our game. However, if Rory keeps this rythm up Tiger will be unseated. This kid has an amazing swing and is flat out an amazing golfer! I love watching him play. I also love how great this is for the game! GO GOLF!

Mike said...

I was all set to say Rory's 36 was more impressive and then he played the 18th hole. I think Pebble played tougher than Congressional is. So my vote goes to Tiger by a hair.