Sunday, June 19, 2011

NBC Avoids The Man Upstairs in Pledge of Allegiance

What's a major championship without some controversy? No, it's not BunkerGate, but maybe we can call it PledgeO'AllegianceGate?

During NBC's introduction of their Sunday U.S. Open coverage, they had little kids reading the American pledge, but they left out the "under God" part. What is this, Rwanda?!?!

No comment coming yet, but if you want to see a lot of people pissed off on Father's Day, check out this Google search of reactions on Twitter. Not even Sean O'Hair's dad gets so pissed during this holiday.

More to come of this, I'M SURE, but for now, yell "Under God" at anyone you see so it makes up for their omission. Here's hoping someone at Fox News blames Obama playing golf yesterday for this.


Mike said...

NBC-shame on you! You took "under God" from our Pledge of Allegiance. Why? Are you worried about offending someone? If someone is affended about the words in our Pledge, then they should return to their country and continue their fight against us. The freedom that they are experiencing in this country have been fought for and won. The real people you have offended are Americans. You should apologize to all of us and forget about offending foreigners. Why are so many people concerned about not offending others in this country, wether they are here illegally or not. There are many countries in this world that aren't concerned about offending foreigners, the will incarcerate them, shoot them, or behead them. I believe in religious freedom, but not to the detriment of this country. I hope you don't make such a grevious error again.

Anonymous said...

I'm always amused by the amount of right wing frothing-at-the-mouth that is inspired by any perceived "disrespect" of the Pledge of Allegiance.

That not showing appropriate respect to a creepy loyalty oath -- originally penned by a Socialist, originally accompanied by a fascist salute, and later amended to contain the words "under God" in a religiously-inspired 1954 political stunt -- can drive many so-called lovers of freedom crazy with rage smashes my irony meter.

Anonymous said...

Our country has a pledge like most countries. If it pains anyone to respect it and pledge to our country, maybe they need to go to a country where you will!

Anonymous said...

Actually, "most countries" DON'T have a pledge that is recited every day by schoolchildren and at miscellaneous public gatherings. The US is fairly unique among the advanced Western nations in that regard. It's a shame that we're so lacking in self esteem as a nation that we feel the need to force this minor brainwashing exercise on the little ones.

By the time I had got to high school 20 years ago, everyone recognized it for the useless bit of authoritarian theater that it is and treated it with the appropriate level of apathy as it was recited over the homeroom intercom.

Anonymous said...

NBC = Nothing but Communists.

Some puny,little intern from Cali. decided he would take it on himself to rewrite the Pledge and make it conform to his own twisted version. The reason I try not to watch the big three.