Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stubhub Spokesman's Tiger Quote Activated My 'No S*&t' Alarm

Are you ready for the best quote of the week? One that makes you wonder how certain people have job titles like "Stubhub spokesperson"?

Well, here goes. Glenn Lehrman is the guy that does all the talking for Stubhub, the popular ticket website, and he spoke with Bloomberg about the fact that tickets have dropped from $500 to $400 at the U.S. Open since Tiger Woods announced he wasn't going to be playing at Congressional this year.

This was the winner of all winning quotes ever.

"Missing Tiger is a big deal," Stubhub spokeman Glenn Lehrman told Bloomberg. "He's a huge draw, not only for tickets, but also for television ratings."

YA DON'T SAY?!?!! Tiger is a big deal in golf???? Man, looks like I owe my buddy $20. I always thought it was Bubba Dickerson that brought all the boys to the yard! *hands over wallet*

Yes, it's true - tickets are down because Tiger isn't in the field. I would have written this post earlier but it took me a while to get up from falling out of my chair.


chris said...

haha i thought it was john daly's pants?!?

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